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One uses this word to Express complete and utter shock or disbelief
Kakafawt! You mean that's really not his yute hes been minding all this time.
by Hortance Banton November 06, 2018

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When you're in pain but also like omg wtf is happening rn
'Ow my god, I've got lime in my eye'
by Schoolies2k17 November 28, 2017

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a dumbass motha-fucka who eats cock and gets cumshotted every night just sayin
he is such a tyler coward
by random_person_0204 November 01, 2017

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Stands for 'Oh my giddy aunt'.

Which is a euphemism for 'Oh my God'.

So OMGA is a euphemism for OMG.
Text from your mother: your brother just broke his arm

Text reply: OMGA
by WouldMeister April 28, 2017

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Breaker of Kelly’s Heart
Omg did u hear that jack
via giphy
by KellyHeart January 13, 2019

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Kill my self in a joking manner or like omg or whatever or your upset with yourself
I forgot to bring a jacket kms .
I should of not said something kms.
by Oookfineee December 27, 2016

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A mix of classic & modern.
OMG that cake is so cladern.
by Pozzem August 10, 2017

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