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Olivia is attractive, most of the time it's more of an 'omg something about this face is so cute'. Her personality throws you into a lasting personal connection. Olivia is super quiet or really loud at any time, there is no in between. Olivia is funny, sometimes childish and laughs at herself with you but she never forgets. If you drop an insult on Olivia, you'll forget, but she won't and it bothers her forever, for her there is no brushing it off. Olivia is extremely self-critical, so make sure to give her attention and respect, but don't shower her with compliments or they'll lose their meaning. No matter how much you tell her she's beautiful, part of her will never understand where you're coming from. Olivia loves to feel pretty, so if you see one in a nice dress and heels she's untouchable so make her feel loved. She is awkward and weird, but with her humor you learn to love it even though she constantly kicks herself for it. Olivia will always hate her past self and constantly make fun of it. She listens to you and doesn't open up to her real feelings. She smiles and shares her current feelings constantly. If you wrong one, her rage is strange but scary. No matter how childish it seems it will affect you. Olivia is smart and seem disorganized, but on the inside she has planned out her entire life. She is the awkward friend that's always there for you, and without your Olivia it feels too different. Olivia lives in a strange little world, but that's why you love her.
Example 1:
*Olivia falls over*

*Everyone is slightly worried but amused, including Olivia.*
Example 2:
Someone: *wrongs Olivia*
Olivia: I have gotten this far, I will not let you ruin it.
Olivia ten minutes later: Just kidding.
Olivia: *unleashes a special form of hell specifically tailored to that person*
Example 3:
Person 1: Why does Olivia keep screaming?
Person 2: Who knows. She does that.
Example 4:
Olivia: I like someone
Olivia: I'm not ready to tell you but here are all the reasons why I feel really self-conscious about it.
Friend: Ok I understand
by memdog June 01, 2017

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A girl that acts cool around her friend and is a bitch to her sister although sometimes she can be a nice person.
Is that a chicken? Nope it’s olivia!
by Roarroarroarroar11 June 06, 2018

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A total thot.
You're a real olivia.
by Ajjjis June 17, 2017

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A dog
Olivia is a dog
by Ughboi March 20, 2018

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A bitch who can't control her emotions.
A:Olivia is such a bitch!

B: yeah, get use to it.
by Pinkwall666 July 04, 2018

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