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A very old man.
That man is so miho, he must have met Jesus in person.
Man, look at that nursing home, its full of Mihos.
by iamright123 April 26, 2017

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shall not
You shan’t go to the club!
by fdtv January 02, 2018

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A person who reflects on the past by constantly listening to 1930's music and binge watching "I love Lucy" in their freetime.
My friend is nothing but an Old timey Boi
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by Bastion Boi69 October 23, 2018

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The type of woman you want to be friends with. Typically viewed as a past generation name.. they can still be used today. She is a hyped up woman and loves to party. She also cares deeply about hair care. She hoards pictures like no other and family is very important to her. She has an old soul and is full of wisdom. If you ever come across and Joretta make sure to befriend her and jump in for the ride of your life.
I heard jorettas House is so filled with pictures only she can fit in their.
by Wasupcat May 03, 2018

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Something or someone who has reached their elderly stage or has become out of date.Opposite of new.
Woah, that sweet old car is cool
by TheOldSkoolReader June 05, 2019

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A dance that only corny ass white people use.
. teachers use it to make them look like there cool.
.look at my dab.
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by people are June 05, 2018

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