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A phrase used to describe Oklahoma.
Person 1: "Why did white people make the Native Americans move to Oklahoma?"
Person 2: "Because Oklahoma is the butt crack of America."
by Meanpie November 18, 2016

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46th state admitted into the United States of America. Home of the University of Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, and (most importantly) the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The positives in Oklahoma are in the women (Comedian Ryan Davis once compared the women here to women in Atlanta, the main difference being that in Oklahoma, the men here love our women), low cost of living, and the ability to live through all four seasons in a calendar year. Downtown Oklahoma City is the most underrated urban area nationally in the new millennium, but the concerts here still (unfortunately) consist of primarily country music.

Tulsa has OKC beat on the concert tip, but OKC wins everywhere else. The City has more people, more nightlife, more sports, more shopping, and people who actually don’t have their heads collectively shoved up Governor Mary Fallin’s ass (even as she has to live in OKC).

Tulsa will counter will Little Dick Syndrome talking about how their hills are prettier and their hearts are purer. It’s not that Tulsa is a bad city. But, it’s more of a big town.

Oklahoma is not just full of peckerwood crackers either. Langston University, the most western HBCU in the United States, is here. In OKC alone, there are neighborhoods dedicated to black people, Asians and Latinos. Most Oklahomans won’t even take the time out to spend in these ethnically diverse enclaves, which is a damn shame. Their version of Oklahoma is a far different one than the Hee-Haw crap that you see on TV.
Man, the Oklahoma City Thunder sure kicked the dog shit out of the defending NBA champion Golden State Warriors inside Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield told the KU Football team to lick his salty nuts.

Your school is wrestling against Oklahoma State today? Well, you’re about to catch an ass-whooping.

Stop by Langston University as you’re leaving Stillwater if you want to hang out with some sexy black girls.
by XStewart2007 November 25, 2017

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A job u could have in Oklahoma and still get almost all of it wrong
Ethan: hey man ima be a weather man in Oklahoma
Jesse: why in the world would u wanna do that?!
Ethan: because at least then I could be wrong 90% of the time and still have a job
Jesse *laughs* true, Oklahoma has some weird weather
Ethan: yup, welcome to Oklahoma, where u never know if there is a tornado really coming at u or nah
Jesse: and were it can be raining one minute and sunny the next, or it could be cold af one day and hot another
Ethan: exactly *laughing*
by crazymfnerd June 28, 2017

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