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Another way to say offensive for douchebags who make up long words to seem smarter.
Bill: "Today I found out my uncle died in 9/11, but he died doing what he loved."
James: "What was it he loved doing?"
Bill: "Flying planes."
James: "Don't you think that joke is a little sperteclious?
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by nightdragon64 July 13, 2017

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Someone that acts like a hard man but actually there just a little pussy bitch.
Wow dude get out off my face you sockobo
by AmHard -_- November 21, 2016

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An offensive name for a mexican.
Look at the taco people crossing the border!
by Jajfiejwhsjvosjabzhcu August 14, 2017

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1) associated with human reproduction, fucking a girl.
2) calling another thing or person a serious of offensive names
The man Calilifed the girl.
by Jayson Tate May 10, 2018

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An East Asian man that builds mudhuts for a YouTube video an example is the channel “primitive survival” on youtube
I found an umlow on YouTube the other day, he was building a mud hut.
by #ripasians May 02, 2019

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