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After some deep contemplation, i reduced down to the minimal number of 5 elements, needed to construct a concept of time, that as concepts all need to be incorporated in the final definition for time. So basically i deducted the concept we know as time to 5 elements that are needed for its existence minimally:

1. Human observer (own set of needs for existence) > 2. Visible light (own set of needs for existence) > 3. Two objects with Mass (or 1 object and a fore/back ground to compare against, with enough density that we can see and track) > 4. Movement (not too fast, not too slow) > 5. Distance (distance needs space).

what follows is my personal, final definition for time, but organized and worded a little nicer:

Time: A sequence of constant, additive, duration's agreed upon, to separate moments, based on the perceived movement of a visible body with mass, over a set distance in space, that signifies a rate of change that individual humans experience, and is thus relative.
Time is an agreement among men that we experience to be relative, and no man can ever proof time existed before man. Time , light nor space have physical properties that can be physically bend, only zoomed out from far can you see a change in direction by perspective. we cant feel time, so the human element is what makes it relative like a perspective.
by Mr. Lay mandeep. July 17, 2016

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