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Pronounced"Jabba-itis" this is when someone is so fat their body shape resembles that of Jabba The Hutt
Guy 1-So I went on a blind date and the chick that showed up had Jabbaitis,I said I felt sick and left ASAP.
Guy 2-Damn I woulda dipped too.
by OffensiveTrashbag March 26, 2017

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When you are MORE than Obese, you are Overbese.
I used to be obese, but I continued putting on weight, now I am Overbese.
by Swing1981 August 11, 2017

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A word that is used to describe any action. It can literally be used for anything at any time. Whatever you feel is necessary. In an obese manner.
I punched someone obesily.

I walked to my car obesily.
by SuperiorHawk96 January 30, 2019

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Killian is a mildly sentient being whom st is regularly as a autistic greasy cube. If you see a killian you should immediately look away as prolonged exposure is known to cause down syndrome.
How you ya wit ye saying ya greasy cube.
yir actual a Killian.
by Gyro Wayne November 05, 2018

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