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What Obama put up the ass of Cuban Refugees when they tried to come to America by boat across the Gulf of Mexico.
Yeah, Obama put a wet foot dry foot up the asses of those Cuban refugees right before Trump's inauguration.
by Willk January 31, 2017

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someone from Malaysian heritage with an extreme hankering from anti-penis parades in downton denver

hit it

man.. i can only dream of being such a high level cunt surfer like hunter
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by gamerman January 03, 2019

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The Stupidest Question You can Ask
Trump: What's Obamas Last Name?
Clinton: Bruh
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by johnlaurnesismydeadgayson November 26, 2018

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When President Obama shuts down his haters, fist pounds his allies, and drops the mic on republican talking points
I love what Obama said about Ted Cruz at the Correspondence Dinner, sobama.

Did you see when Obama fist pounded that janitor? That's sobama.
by parlanceofourtimes September 17, 2016

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the best president please come back im begging you
obama please
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by imdrowningsaveme June 13, 2018

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the worst president the US has ever seen.
"bring back Obama, Trump is shit"
by Madaves July 26, 2017

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Obama's presidency
Hopefully, Trump will end the The Great Nigression.
by pill cosby November 29, 2016

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