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The game in which you carve dick sized holes in a pumpkin for up to 4 people and you all fuck it, but be wary, the dicks will touch so time your thrusts and bust a nut on your friends dicks.
I cant wait to bust a nut while playing pumpkathrust !
by Hallonut November 01, 2017

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When you're in the middle of cumming inside of a girl and you spin her around on your dick like a helicopter.
Yeah bro I was cumming in this girl and I totally Nutrolled her.
by Nonanumatic October 04, 2018

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The fine art of unleashing a nut in a public place.
Bro, I went to the school computer lab to type my essay, only to discover that Daniel committed nuttery on the keyboard!
by Cronklet December 04, 2017

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1. When you nut but it never stops.

2. The act of ejaculating non-stop, for the rest of your existence.
"Someone please help, I just had an amazing j.o session, but now I'm experiencing a perpetual nut."
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by Vex977 May 28, 2019

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A company that can (and should) SUCK at my left nut
i have a gucci pants that cost $1000. looks like simple training pants but because i bought it from Hypebeast
by Soggy_Oreo March 09, 2019

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Louds Moanly Is The Same Thing As Moans Loudly But In this one your Dad Is Proud of you for screaming it at 3:00 am
Cum Shot: *Louds Moanly*
Dad: I Love You too Son
by Cr6ss February 11, 2019

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when your in bed and she rolls your nuts around your head
Dude I got nut rolled last night it was terrible.#getnutrolled
by Billy joe dick wad December 02, 2017

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