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Absolute bloody asshole who likes queen and Tegan. xd. how funny am I? hahaha. also shout out to my boy, Taj Redgewell.
Hi, Daniel Mateiu
by Not Mitchell O'Beef November 28, 2018

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mlg noscope dank meme
via giphy
by Damnitsam September 07, 2016

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Half nude
Damn Jennifer sent me a hude. It's a great picture of her ass. Too bad it wasn't a nude with her whole body.
by Cameronrj December 19, 2016

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When an individual refuses or subtlety holds back on sending nudes to the boys. An ancient Saxon term derived from the Latin 'reoffel' meaning 'nay for thine brethern' which is translated today to 'not for the boys' .
Daniel did it again he roffed us.

Daniel is roffing and not sending nudes .

Did you see that nude Jim sent ? Nope I got roffed
by Rasta246 June 09, 2018

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The concept when you finally see a celebrity you think is hot or really like, nude or even a friend.

Generally results in euphoria, and often masturbation.
James: Dude, Bar Refaeli shot a nude photoshoot. She is finude!

Stephen: Dude, I just went from flaccid to hard in 0.1 seconds when you said that!
by GeniusBansel May 31, 2018

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