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Person who is very open to everything
Hello teacher
by MWOLFE5 January 19, 2017

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Fucking cunt. Sucks dicks for a living
Bryant is a cunt
by lol Haha November 18, 2016

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A word used to describe slaves who escaped custody during the ancient times.
"That black zix escaped the damn cage!"
by GhostsRevenge1337 July 13, 2018

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The basic cause of something. A root cause is an initiating cause of either a condition or a causal chain that leads to an outcome or effect of interest. The term denotes the earliest, most basic, 'deepest', cause for a given behavior; most often a fault.
these drugs do not address the root cause of the problem
by Phillyclause89 June 12, 2018

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1) An instrument which is fun to play when you vibrato the ‘G’ string with your pinky.
1) Mom said, “Don’t rape the fucking violin.”
by Johnson. May 23, 2018

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A retard
"Look at that applesauce person lmao"
by A mentally disabled person March 25, 2017

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The most savage person you will ever know. She is funny , cute and creative. She is mean and rude but will always have your back no matter what. You can count on zuleimi for anything.
Damn Zuleimi back at it again with savage ass roast.
by Why people December 17, 2016

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