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ugly ass bitch that has no boobs and hates everyone #UNTHICC
hannahs a bitch
by efbqwioefiouherfhqepiruf January 08, 2018

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He is a loving and kind person he will give you his heart and keep it safe and when its time be loud he will do so he is shy and not shy you will love him no matter what there is no way you can't love Hilario.
Girl-who is that
Bff- how don't you know him
Girl-i am wag to popular to notice people

Bff-well even the best notice Hilario
by Makayla hamm January 01, 2017

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it means old and antique
that lamp is aqerh
via giphy
by ygas August 01, 2018

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Loves to get short hair cuts and loves to get dirty at the ol fleet farm on the weekend....also Zach loves gay sex on a warm Friday afternoon in the back of the expedition
Zach M
by Josh rhajjdjdjjdb May 03, 2019

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Blair so amazing he is way better at Fortnite than Oliver and Matthew
Blair beat Oliver and Matthew in 1v1’s
by Anonymoususer696969 January 27, 2019

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Likes to rape sisters and go to jail at the age of 14
Hey that’s Kent I heard he raped his sister...
by Jsjsisbafajapdjbd September 15, 2018

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Killen key is a bitch
Killen key is a bitch
by Cheetomuncher69 November 01, 2016

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