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A idiot whos 7 year old and dont know what a book is.
your an auditihuq !
by Auditihuq June 20, 2016

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A word that literally means nothing, but when calling someone this, they may get a offended, claim they are not this and state that you yourself are a jakipsy as well.
"Hey!!! Stop being such a Jakipsy!!!"
"Fuck you! I'm not a Jakipsy, you're a Jakipsy!!!"
by shibbeaner May 15, 2018

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ugly ass bitch that has no boobs and hates everyone #UNTHICC
hannahs a bitch
by efbqwioefiouherfhqepiruf January 08, 2018

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it means old and antique
that lamp is aqerh
via giphy
by ygas August 01, 2018

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Blair so amazing he is way better at Fortnite than Oliver and Matthew
Blair beat Oliver and Matthew in 1v1’s
by Anonymoususer696969 January 27, 2019

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Likes to rape sisters and go to jail at the age of 14
Hey that’s Kent I heard he raped his sister...
by Jsjsisbafajapdjbd September 15, 2018

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Killen key is a bitch
Killen key is a bitch
by Cheetomuncher69 November 01, 2016

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