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A kitten/ cat nose
I looked at his norb.

He has a cute norb
by Kitty85 February 04, 2018

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An itchy nose relationship, is when two people are dating and are confident enough to itch their noses in front of each other.
Is it an itchy nose relationship??
We have an itchy nose relationship
by Thelahan June 06, 2018

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Nostril hair can give you boogers that drip into your mouth.
Look at your nostril hairs, their so long.
via giphy
by Pablo.Man March 31, 2017

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Another phrase for nose
Keep your pie stabber out of this
by helsteeth April 06, 2017

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A nose in which the tip is wider than the back portion of the nose, black people are known to have it.
Damn! Look at that nigga, dude got a strut nose!
by xD4k September 14, 2016

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