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The most kind loving sweet girl in the whole entire universe she is loving, sweet, kind, pretty, smart all of that good stuff she is an amazing go to person she is a light hearted loving girl she is one of a kind no one ever can replace her. Every guy that knows an Alisa will have an amazing bright future. No other guy can visualise anything without her

If you know an Alisa you are one lucky person!
Alisa is a miracle!
by Alisa lover August 30, 2018

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A wonderful being who is beauty but strong at the same time, can mean good can mean bad
This teacher is the Devil's Angel
via giphy
by Kenji Vina January 14, 2018

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A Person Who lives a fast life! Ready for what ever obsticals!
Im living too swivvy
by Swivvy November 20, 2016

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Let's get some flamzy pics
by Emerson bryne April 27, 2017

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A obscure insult, meaning they are idiotic.
Lily: "Hey Stanley, you're a shnoodlethrop!"
Stanley: "You are too!"
by #notashnoodlethrop February 28, 2019

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Mason indick
Ear rape is mason Indick being restarted
by NyteGrynd7730 May 19, 2018

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The almost universal cock emoji is the 🍆..
The most famous cock emoji is the 🍆.
by Tricky. April 06, 2017

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