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that guy is a max
by 123abcpie January 14, 2019

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epic gamer mpment
"epic despacito moment"
by offensivememes_v1 May 20, 2018

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The new "no."
"Do you want to hang out?"
"Yesn't, but thanks for the offer."
by ElectraTheKilljoy June 11, 2018

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Shrek is love Shrek is life.
Shrek:the one my dad
by mmmmmmmmmkjshakjsdhkgjsd October 17, 2018

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A word only used by 10 year old who don't even know the actual definition of the word, yet only do they realize every time they use that word they're making themselves look retarded.
Fuck off , you're so retarded.
by youfuckingcunttbh April 15, 2017

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I guess they never miss huh?
You got a boyfriend I bet he doesn’t kiss ya! (Mwah!)
He gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya!
He GON skrtt and hit the dab like wiz khalifa.
Hit or miss?
What does it mean?

by GoldyGamerFaz December 15, 2018

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The only reason why humanity is not good
T-Series has big gay.
by MrMcOof January 03, 2019

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