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Nick is a dream guy that every girl wants to date. He is incredibly talented and is an awesome chill guy. hes a loyal friend and lover. And not to mention.. He is a MASTER of SEX!! He'll satisfy your emotional needs as well as your sexual desires. So if you hop into bed with a nick then you'll never think of any other dick again.
Girl #1: That was the best Sex of my life
Girl #2: Sounds like a Nick
by RealDicks June 01, 2018

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A guy who has ligma balls and that is known for being a total idiot and who thinks he is good at stuff but only good at Instruments. Nick is a guy who things but is useless to the world and the environment. Nick is an ugly guy and now probably has to wear glasses.
Girl "Ewww Nick likes me."
Other Girl"Eww Nick Likes me too."
Emo Girl "Nick Loves Me"
Guy " Eww Nick likes me"
Fortnite Streamer" Eww Nick Likes Me"
by MrBhop July 22, 2018

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A fortnite fagg who plays video games and fails at life
Nick is a big dick who sucks more dick than a vaccum cleaner
by gj4rpfogjurefgidi June 11, 2018

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A guy named Nick who is depressed, who doesn't Realize how truly amazing he actually is.
Don't be depresso Nickspresso
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by Savvysweetie May 19, 2017

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