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its when your jim jams are jamming too hard
Yo bro i just had a jimmy jim jam moment XD rawr
by Namesareforchumps September 16, 2017
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The guy who always is fun and always helps his friends Jindar can most likely be a Sweden name
Jindar is so fun guys! you have to meet him!
by TheLoganHall December 12, 2017
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Emilio is a hot , nice ,caring guy.

he's always there when you need him.

he has the cutest smile.

he always apologises.

he knows how to cheer people up & make them laugh.

he secretly loves guitar music.

he can get into trouble sometimes.

he hates seeing his loved ones cry.

he has an AMAZINGG personality.

he can be a jerk.

he can be a fool.

he cancels his plans to be with you.

he likes winning.

his heart is always in the right place.

these are just a FEW of Emilios awesome qualities.
Emilio's so nice.
by hiiiii. October 30, 2017
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the best there is honestly. usually blonde. blondes are the best. eats all the time, literally. only has a few friends, but they are very close. very nice, but can get atttitude very quick. only likes black/mixed boys
oh my gosh, there is nicole!!
by okkookk May 27, 2017
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She is so beautiful/ cute
by Estreya January 31, 2018
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Very cute and chubby breath doesent spell too good loves to dress up really thick dark hair really nice personallitie brown eyes and very shy to say hi
via giphy
by Laura compondri December 04, 2017
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A bad bitch that's really pretty and nice and doesn't care what people say.
Jah'tay is very nice
by Dïck in the ass May 05, 2017
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