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the scientific word that Corinna Fiedler use in Biology accelerated ( California Academy of Mathematics and Science). Usually she uses the word to express the nature of the science or the miracle of the world.
Why do Japanese people have a longer lifetime? Maybe they eat a lot of rice? Oh das niice!
by TheWholeEnchilada November 04, 2018

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She is a loveing and caring person and she is very nice and if you mess with her you are going to get a beating by her friends she is very pretty if looks can kill she is a very good friend super crazy but in the best way possible she is a crazy loyal friend and she would do anything for her friends😁And she is toooo nice but that's always a good thing👍🏾 And she has barely any haters but hardly any most are fans and she has lots of friends and once you get to know her she will be one of your best friends and she will always try to help you in anyway she can and is super good at sports👌🏼And she is a really nice person and will forgive people easily and that is the definition of trash BOSS
Trash boss
by By trash Bosses Best friend March 14, 2018

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Very cute and chubby breath doesent spell too good loves to dress up really thick dark hair really nice personallitie brown eyes and very shy to say hi
via giphy
by Laura compondri December 04, 2017

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Teacher: the answer is 69.
Me:Nice! B)
Teacher:Oops sorry, the answer is actually 89.
Me(just really likes numbers):Nice! B)
by Just a dude with a IQ of -4 February 07, 2019

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1. New York City
2. abbreviation for 'Nice' (in an earnest way)

commonly (though not exclusively) used in social media by South Asian girls
guy: did you like the photo I sent?
girl: yea

by Raj Eleanor Rigby June 11, 2018

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Hes a 13 pack sexy beast with a beautiful red Gucci jacket. Hes s popular having multiple overaged girls he met from camp. His best friend is Asian and his name is Joshua. Sevag is good at all video games,such as League of Legends, Overwatch, and many more.
Man that dude is really a Sevag
by AmazingDefinitionCreator March 25, 2019

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To physically roll up the stairs
Dave what’s that noise

Jack I thing my dog is quasimodoing up the stairs
by Bignibbas August 10, 2018

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