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Syaidatul Was a beautiful and kind hearted girl. She also was a clever student. She came from a rich family. She wore a pair of spectacle. She love to watch Korean boyband especially EXO. Her most favorite member in EXO is sehun.She will be a pharmacist, a teacher, or psychologist in the future. She love cat. Her friend always call her as Syida
Syaidatul is watching EXO new song entitled Kokobop.
by mgsoft December 29, 2017

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Being Frustrated
JOHN: Hey Paul This Nigga Asking If I drink Coffee In The club.

PAUL: Let That Nigga Be He Always 😤 Me .
by Skiddy May 27, 2018

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A person who has complete control over a small group.
A king is a banson.
by GtrFam November 19, 2016

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New Player
Person 1: He's a total noob!
Person 2: But he's new!
by XxpickfoxX October 11, 2017

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The law of nature that states it's easy to find a guy to fuck YOU

But exponentially harder to find one willing to keep and support you
He likes having SEX and you pay for the room ?? Wow that's a shocker He lives by charlenes law
by Wyldstallyn May 21, 2017

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