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A beautiful, bubbly character full of life and intelligence, who strives to keep the people around her happy and loves to help out anyone who seeks her advice and answers. Tomador can be shy at times, but when surrounded by her favourite people she blossoms and makes everyone laugh, be encouraged, feel good about themselves and generally become better-improved human beings. Tomador is very talented in all aspects and can be serious competition at times. Every individual needs at least one Tomador in their lives as they are extremely rare and only come to those who are lucky! Whenever she is put in a vulnerable position, she still manages to figure out a way to redeem herself and follow the path she was destined for. She may get hurt and torn down along the way but she will always get back up because she is stronger than anything and will NEVER give up.
"Hey Tomador! I just wanted to know if you could come over later, I could really use a friend, especially someone like you."

"Sure. I'll be over in a few, and I ain't leaving until I see a smile on your face!"
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by Praise&Hope January 17, 2017
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A stinky girl and never brushes her teeth and her hands smells like dodo
Dodo hand janayla
by Neciee0444 May 03, 2017
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Doesn’t care about what people thinks of her. And amazing person to be around of. Extremely intelligent but don’t take her for granted, you will never meet someone like her!
Friend : “hey do you know Gismeli?”
Me : “yes girl! She is awesome!”
Friend : “aw man, you’re so lucky!”
by Name definer 100 February 12, 2018
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never (used to refer to scenarios you wish would happen but probably never will)
I have a huge crush on Ashley from math class, but I'll probably get to second base with her when the Minnesota Vikings win a Super Bowl.
by Father Abraham II January 22, 2018
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The girl you love so much but she leaves you because of a past relationship.
Man that girl is went early but never to late for her to leave my heart
by Iwishsheneverleft December 09, 2017
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