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An exaggerated form of nate.
Wow, such a Natteee!
by Snekk August 19, 2018

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Someone Who Has A Massive Crush On Someone But Won't Admit It.
He Will Find Her Soon And Rape Her
He is doing a nate
by ANONYMOOSEMOUSE February 25, 2018

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The best guy you could ever meet . He does a lot of drugs and is most likely to end up in rehab but is hot. He is the best friend you could ever have. He has your back all the time and you should probably have his. His family is all kinds of shitty but he is so respectful to woman. Don’t loose him ever.
I love nate hart I have the biggest crush on him
by Realone444 November 04, 2017

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A person who on average consumes 3 bottles of jack a week, does h-vac, and has persona of which you could only describe as a rat
My friend rat drank a handle of jack and missed his plane
by Natewrotten November 15, 2017

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