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Yarimar is a beautiful girl! She is one of a kind, and all the boys chase her. She is very shy but once you get to know her she is wild! This girl gives the best advice and is always there for you no matter what.
Yarimar is a beautiful girl!
by thequeen1999 December 26, 2016

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A cute name for a pig.
That's a cute little pig it's name must be "Kaisaia".
by PIG BABYSITTER May 28, 2017

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America is a beautiful,Sexy,Smart,Competitive,Pretty,Nice,
Funny,Dare devil,Awesomeand always cares about othe people.She is Always there for you and is a party person.She also has a big heart.
America is everything perfect.
by America September 12, 2017

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The nicest boy in he world great for relationships and smoke a lot of weed but who cares?
Brekke is my best friend
via giphy
by Eva Crowley November 05, 2018

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big dick daddy 😤😤😤
daaaaamn, that boi is such a quavion.
by houseknowz March 23, 2017

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Charlott is a very talkative woman with a big heart but a bigger spirit. She will fight for what she believes in to an extent, and is a very outgoing person- although she has anxiety issues. Once you get to know her she is sweet and caring and you will never regret forming a friendship with her. She never accepts money. She is kind of sensitive but gets agitated when told so. She only wants help if she asks for it; don’t offer your help unless it’s really necessary.
I need to call Charlott tonight.
by Crazy_walrus April 27, 2019

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She's the greatest, most chill female you'll ever meet. Herla's vibes are always super intoxicating and you'll constantly feel giggly and confident around her. She radiates chill and is one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. If you meet a Herla, don't let go.
Guy 1: Bro, that girl I met last night, she was soooo chill
Guy 2: Yeah man, she was a Herla
Guy 1: Gotchu
by Moose Maldonado July 09, 2018

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