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The fuckiest fuck boy you will ever meet. Keep your girl close or else he will ram her with his "IRON PIPE". But in all honesty he is quite humble..... and deep deep down we all aspire to become a "Cullin"
Cullin > God
by Rincho May 11, 2018

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A wonderful person who’s sense of humor is different from most. Can be shy at times but with the right people she will come out of her shell ASAP! Very beautiful and nice to people. But if she’s with rude people she would have no problem standing up to them. Overall a very nice unique person.
Have you met Jaleyah? She’s had a unique sense of humor and she’s very chill.
by Ghostit March 14, 2019

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the dumb generic name for a black girl
hey shniqua go eat you're fried chicken
by timsmells May 23, 2017

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A very cute emo girl who is very rad and should be cared for.
"Man, i wish i could hang with monica more, she's so cool"
by Smartassmeme May 09, 2017

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A girl that will have a great life and will date many guys. She is loving, caring and kind. Later she will fall in love with a sexy man named Jacob and marry him...
Jules is kind
by Anyone here bored October 16, 2018

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A very rich man with a very big dong
wow. he must be a raden.
by yeetembeatum March 28, 2019

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Ying is a caring person that cares for whoever she accounters. She needs her friends by her side. Ying can be emotional at some points. Her friends make her laugh the most. She is the funniest out of the friend group. Ying is intelligent, smart and funny. She always has something to say, whether it’s bad or not she still says it. Lastly, she smiles and laughs a lot at stupid and weird situations.
Ying is laughing way too much
by PlainStem May 19, 2018

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