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A cute name for a pig.
That's a cute little pig it's name must be "Kaisaia".
by PIG BABYSITTER May 28, 2017

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A boss ass fucking bitch who is smart , pretty , and sexy. All Manezhe’s are nice and trustworthy. They always put others before themselves. Although , one flaw about them is that they care too much about what others think , Manezhe’s will never let anyone put them down.
Wow! That girl Manezhe is so nice. I want to fuck her.

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The fuckiest fuck boy you will ever meet. Keep your girl close or else he will ram her with his "IRON PIPE". But in all honesty he is quite humble..... and deep deep down we all aspire to become a "Cullin"
Cullin > God
by Rincho May 11, 2018

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Some cunt
Justin is a bitch ass cunt
by nickysmithy42069 January 22, 2018

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America is a beautiful,Sexy,Smart,Competitive,Pretty,Nice,
Funny,Dare devil,Awesomeand always cares about othe people.She is Always there for you and is a party person.She also has a big heart.
America is everything perfect.
by America September 12, 2017

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A common name and nickname used for dumb kids

Often jocks who play stupid sports have this name
A lot of guys who think they're hot fucking shit possess this name as well
Have you seen that guy he looks like a rusty or russle
by Puppet wolf September 02, 2018

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Laiyana the most funniest person you'll ever meet She's intelligent she loves hard when she loves she is normally into music or sports
Dude 1 : where is that girl from she's perfect

Dude 2 : Oh that's laiyana bro
via giphy
by Bigdaddyzay December 23, 2016

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