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The name of one of Zeus's obscure side hoes.

A super funny, spontaneous, and trustworthy person. Elaras are always up for adventures and can never turn down a cool opportunity. Usually very creative and artistic. Likes animals a lot.
"She's so freaking Elara"
"Wtf man who uses someones name to describe someone else that weird and doesn't even make sense what"
"Shut up"
by spellicup6969 February 23, 2017

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An Alex is a guy who is absolutely amazing with computers, but not too great at much else. He's an absolute asshole, and seems to be caught up in his own ridiculous fantasies.
Ugh, he is such an Alex.
by sc413m8 May 13, 2017

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A girl with this name is very bubbly and cheerful, never gets angry but when she does, run. Usually has very poofy hair, almost like a poodle. Extremely energetic but additionally procrastinates. She's a very determined and diligent person. Fun, Kind and Understanding. Anyone would be lucky to have a Kunisha as their friend, as they spoil you when they are your friend.
Friend 1: "You should see my friend Kunisha! She's really energetic omg!"

Friend 2: "I'd like to meet her then!"
by anonymous shhhhhhhhhhhhh May 30, 2017

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A man who is lazy, weird and good at making people laugh
You're a Gawidziel
by animewolfboyxx August 31, 2018

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He is better than you
You see Macsen over there he is soo hot
by Lord_harbek January 25, 2018

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a completely perfect man. he's got it all

talent, looks, personality. the hottest guy in the world. the ability to woo anyone.
"omg! my new boyfriend is a total NAES!"

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Very popular To Tibetan name. Both males and females have the name.
Tenzin is hot. She look beautiful in her chupa].😍

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