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Watchful eyes

He is a man. He is tall and powerful. At times to protect her, he has used his physical presence, with his dark, watchful eyes, some may seen as threatening, to keep her safe, as she steps from suffocation to freedom

He is a man. He is gentle and perceptive. And now to protect her, he has used his insight, with his dark, watchful eyes, to warn her, that as she steps from suffocation to freedom ... he sees dangers, to her hidden, in unchartered waters

He is s man. A friend beloved. She is vulnerable and not to proud to ask him, for his dark watchful eyes ...to linger a little longer

This man has a name. His name is Shannan ...
by pf1965 May 14, 2017
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A girl with this name is very bubbly and cheerful, never gets angry but when she does, run. Usually has very poofy hair, almost like a poodle. Extremely energetic but additionally procrastinates. She's a very determined and diligent person. Fun, Kind and Understanding. Anyone would be lucky to have a Kunisha as their friend, as they spoil you when they are your friend.
Friend 1: "You should see my friend Kunisha! She's really energetic omg!"

Friend 2: "I'd like to meet her then!"
by anonymous shhhhhhhhhhhhh May 30, 2017
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ultra cool and dank person.
Kelsang is ultra dank.
via giphy
by Herro Herro February 16, 2017
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Strong, indipendent girl that would pop your ass in a second . She's a loyal friend/girlfriend. She has gotten hurt before but still manages to smile through all the pain. She's honest and tried to never hurt you. Kamily is a great person to be with .
Boy: Rhere goes Kamily! Shes such a nice girl
by UsssaQvxxn April 19, 2017
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A terrible wingman. Known to be good-looking but also known on the d-low as "Mr. Steal Yo Girl." Beware while around him because most people will get caught in "The Hishan Effect." It is the effect where Hishan only has to show his face to a girl and a couple of days later, they will be going out. Low key: he really enjoys comic books and superheroes. Also at times, he tends to be immature. BUT ALWAYS BEWARE: THE HISHAN EFFECT. HIDE YOUR WIFE, AND HIDE YO KIDS!
Girlfriend: Is that Hishan?

Boyfriend: Yeah he's chill

*girlfriend runs over to Hishan and begins making out*
by Hishan_21_official January 09, 2018
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Retul is a genius boy lives in Bangladesh.
Hey Retul
by prince15 February 12, 2017
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A man who loves sleeveless shirts, hitting on sisters, destiny, and having hardcore sex with his mustang
That guy's a real billy!
by Gay_is_not_ok August 19, 2017
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