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a very creative girl, who doesn't realize how amazing they are. They can be very passive-aggressive, though they will be your best friend for life if you crack through their rough outer exterior.
That girl seems like a Carlita.
by Wooooooooosh November 26, 2018

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The sweetest and most gentle girl you'll ever meet. She always makes an effort to be nice to you, but is rather edgy at the same time. If you meet a Finnleigh, take your chance at being her friend because she might be the best person you ever meet.
"I met a girl named Finnleigh today, she was the sweetest girl I ever met."
by SpunkyFazbear November 24, 2018

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Monkey god.
That guy is such a Swoyambhu.
by pompompompompom March 07, 2018

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A tall, smart person. They sometimes have pompadours and are usually jerks.
Damn Mark gets good grades, is tall, but hes a jerk. He's such a Timothy.
by OHHHBABYHARDER October 18, 2017

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A very handsome boy , tall , sporting , active and clever
You're handsome , but Teo Zhi Hao is more handsome than you .
by nonamebro April 18, 2018

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A person who will kick your ass whenever you touch her. A very sadistic and empty person. Probably the ugliest and violent person you'll ever meet.
Stay away from Geraldine!
by Sanz the Goatfucker December 15, 2017

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A Doukotu, this guy knows how to hype you up. He's the friend who is always right behind you to rub your back and give you a good brojob. Nobody gives a better brojob than a Doukotu
"I'm feeling pretty down."
"You need to get yourself a Doukotu."
by JonNotTron November 06, 2017

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