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Water sprite (fairy) that only appears to a person right before they die from drowning.
I knew the Nix hadn't yet appeared to me, so as of now, there was hope that I would survive.
by Emelie Awesome July 23, 2017

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in mythology, it's hard boiled egg sprinkled with ashes from a cloth on which a Christian boy was sacrificed.
A: Hey, have you tried Scido amfreikis yet?

B: Nah, I'm Christian.

C: We should sacrifice you, B, eh?
B: Nah. Scido Amafreikis dish is only up to a certain age.
C: Heh?
B: Is it not like 7 years of age?
A: Well, I forgotz 'cause I'm a bumbaclot.
B: A, to stop being a bumbaclot, you should drink blood of Jesus.
A: Eh..
C: I see.
by Volga River Dinosaur May 10, 2018

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