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Slang for any word ever.
Wow he looks very dwee da today.
I'd dwee da.
by dwee do dat dow February 21, 2017

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Someone who is so unmusical that they do not hear notes correctly, some of these people might think mainstream music is unironically good.
Steven: Hey i like this song!
James: you absolute cuck, are you tonedeaf despacito is NOT good
by Serriera June 03, 2018

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Originally 'twenty I one I pilots', now 'Twenty Øne Piløts', Twenty Øne Piløts are a duo, containing Josh Dun (the drummer), and Tyler Joseph (the bassist, singer, keyboardist, etc.). Originally formed in 2009 in Columbus, Ohio, this first incarnation of the Piløts consisted of Tyler Joseph, and three other people. The other three left in 2011, so Tyler recruited Josh (playing for Christian rock band House of Heroes at the time) to play. They have released four albums:
twenty one pilots (2009, the only album to feature the four-piece)
Regional at Best (2011, the album to feature the original twenty I one I pilots logo and the first to feature Josh)
Vessel (2013, this is one year prior to their signing to a major record label, and the first album to find true success in the indie music scene, and the first to feature the iconic I-/ logo)
Blurryface (2015, their most recent album, and their major label (Fueled by Ramen, a label owned by Warner Music Group))
The band has also been labeled "emo".
"What's your favorite band?"
"Mine's Twenty Øne Piløts."
by bored_blue_jay October 17, 2017

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A really pretty person that loves music and has a bunch of friends and is always here when you need someone to talk to ! She is really responsible trustful rages was generous and you can tell her anything and she won’t bulrt it out
Doremi loves music
by Oaefyjn May 16, 2018

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He is a very funny guy, he thinks outside the box a lot and loves music. If he puts his mind to it he will achieve it most likely in the music industry, most John’s have nice muscles, long legs, and fingers. He can be hard to read at times but eventually he will open up, he is mostly an amazing singer ho doesn’t sing good by himself but harmonies with almost anybody. He may act gay and look gay but he’s not he is very passionate about girls.
“He John”
“Eww it’s john”
“Don’t talk about him that way”
by I’m going home July 02, 2018

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Learning music gear from a local musician instead of buying it.
Aspiring Musician: "I want to learn how to play Piano, but I'm too broke to get my own piano"

Mr. Gearsh : "You don't need to buy a Piano, just gearsh it."
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by Mr.Gearsh June 17, 2018

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One of the best genres of music, but not the best. Michael Jackson is really good, but there are others.
The king of pop is "dead"
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by Michael_J._Fan June 05, 2018

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