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Killing someone where they spawn. A good way to farm kills.
Joe: F*** out of spawn and go complete the level moron.
Bob: Well too bad I spawn kill
by FlyingTryhard April 01, 2017

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Sweekar Pandey usually tends to stick his dick in everybody`s business. He tries to get a girlfriend but receives a bitch slap instead. If you`re lucky you can find him in the barbie doll section in big w and you can snap a quick photo for instagram. It is suggested you post it as it will go viral with hate. He is usually found in the corner of the girls bathroom sobbing. His species is unknown.
There`s Sweekar Pandey getting bitch slapped again. My pick of him on instagram went viral. Everyone hates him.
by Frak67854 January 29, 2018

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Used when describing and individual that is 8 different kinds of stupid.
That fool is an octimoron.
by THEYCALLMESAUL August 07, 2017

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Did you think you would get a serious answer, you stupid motherfucker
I don't give a damm wfvfcsdv
by the undertale fandom is shit January 01, 2018

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