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Someone with massive ears that stick out like an erection
Danny has massive monkeyears
by Danno.lavel December 01, 2016

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A ugly prehistoric monkey gorilla
Shut up gluhemith
by JJ2ko July 06, 2016

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A term used to describe a female black person that thinks she knows everything and thinks she's hot but no one really likes her because she looks like a cave woman and smells worse that rotten fish
Person 1 yo did you see how smart she thinks she is

Person 2 ya she is a deza'ray

Person 1 ya she think she hot but she looks like a monkey
by German unicorn🇩🇪🦄 April 10, 2017

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Motionless is a lynch monkey
by Dr.shlong21 June 24, 2018

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Slang for “The Jungle” as there are so many black people that attend BHS.
Do you see that group of black people over there? I bet they go to Belleville
by Stacey Buhro May 27, 2018

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It’s when you are spunking so much you become a spunky monkey
I was pat pounding and after I finished I spunked so much

What so you became a spunky monkey?
by Pat10101 July 12, 2017

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