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A fat fucking mole that looks like someone stabbed you in the face with a permanent marker. It stays with you a burden through life that never fades, just this ugly disfigurement. These aren't average moles there permanent molers, moles large and intimidating as they usually grow facial hair.
Person 1: Jesus what's that on his face.
Person 2: poor bastard got a fucking Permanent Moler by the looks of it.
Person 1: you sure someone didn't draw on his face with a marker.
Person 2: No chance, I see fucking hair on it.
by SpudMoleatronGingerC00n September 20, 2016

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Phrase to express shock, amazement, or disappointment; made famous by a guy that looked like a mole and had breath that smelled like shit.
Upon learning that his mobile home had fallen off the cinder blocks holding it up, Joe exclaimed, "Awwww, shit the bed!"
by Osselroid February 14, 2017

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The Euphoric state your body and mind feel after taking a fat fucking mole.
Damn that last mole got me feeling Moled out
by I am the Moleman January 24, 2018

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Another word for the term Mole which is a bowl of weed and tobacco together smoked out of a bong. Preferably natural American spirit tobacco.
Stoner #1: "I got a little bit of weed let's smoke a bowl bro"
Stoner #2 "I'm only smoking if it's a Mookie"
Stoner #1: "What's a mookie dude?"
Stoner #2: "Another word for a mole bro cmon"
by Young Yogan December 30, 2016

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