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An appetizing masterpiece, simply too divine and ambrosial for this horrible world.
It usually involves someone stuffing used cat litter, camembert, raw ostrich eggs, and about a mayonnaise jar of fermented sperm up their rectum, covering their bumhole with some ripened underpants blessed with a cheesy odour and eventually allowing this heavenly liquid to seep through the very fabric of these beloved undergarments.
This thick broth is usually revered to as Anus Oatmeal, due to its colour and texture.
1) I yearn for some Anus Oatmeal.

2) I sure would like to taste some Anus Oatmeal out of that arse!

3) Nothing is as savoury as your slimy little bum lumps, honey!
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by Lord Bubba May 03, 2017

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Describes the perfect condition of wetness. A multi-use statement used to describe anything from food to a bodily orifice.
These brownies are so moist.

My pussy is so moist.

He pumped his nut in my ass and now my bung is so moist.

I just sharted myself. My cheeks feel so moist now.
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by Eaton Holgoode February 14, 2018

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Moist can be used in place of "most" in certain situations. When used, it is intended to reference the moisture that accumulates in the vagina. However, it can also be used whenever the hell you feel like using it because fuck logic!
You have the moist incredible vagina Brittany!

Aquaman was the Moist exciting movie I've seen in a long, long time.
I almoist forgot the moist important ingredient in the super moist cake mix, eggs!
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by Christian Writer January 16, 2019

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when you get killed by stuffybark126 on xbox
"Bruh im hella moist rn"
by TWITCH SOUPY July 26, 2018

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To be moist in the genitals
You are so wet babe
by Jackfrost666illuminate June 30, 2016

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Moist pizza eater
She is such a schoolsky lover
by Moistnesslover November 18, 2017

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my trigger word is moist.
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by Iago123 November 22, 2016

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