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A mineman who blatantly cheats and uploads against known players.
Dewgs: Fighting disabledsenses and ivan would be fun on cb!
by speedywoot June 25, 2018

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Best server anyone played but was shutdown due to Itsjhalt wanting more money, so the cunt opened dog shit HcTeams
OgAussieLag: Open McTeams!
Itsjhalt: I get more money on HcTeams so fuck off!
by OgAussieLag September 07, 2017

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when ur mom gay so much her big gay
Tim:u suck in minecraft
Billy: yo’ure mom got big gay

by Large_Man_Guy February 25, 2018

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Someone who whores themselves out for Minecraft or someone who can kill the ender dragon
Jakob is so obsessed with Minecraft. He's seriously such a minecraft hoe.
by kitten1016 July 30, 2017

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The feminists trying to take over Minecraft
Hey, have you used the Alex skin?

Well the feminists have gotten to you!
by Gayperson101 July 31, 2018

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Just plain wrong.
Man dude, capitalism sucks.
Yeah, dude, I know. The south showed me that.
by Da Real Sans Undertale June 11, 2018

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the most annoying kid youll ever meet. He acts like he is 4 years old and plays minecraft all the time.
dylan - idgaf
by tyrone0978576 December 11, 2017

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