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A mineman who blatantly cheats and uploads against known players.
Dewgs: Fighting disabledsenses and ivan would be fun on cb!
by speedywoot June 25, 2018

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when ur mom gay so much her big gay
Tim:u suck in minecraft
Billy: yo’ure mom got big gay

by Large_Man_Guy February 25, 2018

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Those annoying kids on the bus or at school that play minecraft and recite lines from asdf
Jennifer: "Hey, what are you doing?"
Joey: "playing minecraft."
Jennifer: "ok. As long as you don't become a minecraft kid"
by Mintyporksoda February 02, 2019

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A user/person plays a block game (a.k.a Minecraft) and proceeds to sing hip-hop rap songs in public chatrooms or act like a gangster whilst talking to a user. What makes this dumb? They play Minecraft and act like they are apart of the bloods.

(NOTE: These users tend to actually not be who they are in real life.)
In a Discord chat room: "Imma shoot you up with my glock, 490 gang.

What they say when you confront them about their 'gangsterness': "I ain't a Minecraft gangster df, get outta here or I will shoot you with my glock.

Talking to a user: "Imma pull up with my squad to your house."
by minemansimulator August 25, 2018

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A infinite world
The worlds in Minecraft are surses
by Keddywin July 02, 2018

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When you’re addicted to block game, you should be ashamed.

frIck u
Bro, I’ve been infected with minecraftitous
by Applesauce apples March 14, 2019

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When you create a new word on Urban Dictionary. This word is usually a combination of letters, or words.
I went to Urban Dictionary: New Word to create an actual new word.
by D8i8c8k8e8r June 08, 2018

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