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A guy who works at home depot with no education and is a nobody
Dam he is such a michael
by Homedepot is all i can get August 29, 2017

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Very dirty minded and repetitive. The kid most people are scared to be around mostly because of his dirty mind and various mood swings. He has a bit of a charming side, but a very secretive charming side. His jokes will sometimes go over your head, but he means well!
Student A: Hey Michael, how was your day?
Michael: That's what she said!
by donkeysh*t December 07, 2017

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A heart warming person that lights up the room in a place full of darkness, and is very trust worthy. Honestie’s are usually very hot, or sexy and has a very crazy sex drive too and is best paired with MichealsWhen everything seems lost, people like Honesties, that are kind, sweet, and loving, can help you through even the darkest times in life.

After paired with a partner/boyfriend, she devotes all of her attention to him and loves him unconditionally, and looks amazing in the prosses. She is very hard to express her emotions, but when she warms up to you she can be a river of them, good or bad. When in a relationship, she feels comfortable, and happy with her boyfriend/husband, and makes him feel the same, especially Honestie Renee Salazar. Which is mine💖💍😍
I love honestie
by Mikeal_246& May 12, 2018

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The name Micheal comes from Irish decent. Is a name given to a certain male specimen. It can be identified by it's small genitals, and depressing attitude. It often finds it difficult to interact with the female species, so it reverts back to the male specimen to mate with.
"I Saw Micheal Yesterday"
"Are You Sure?"
"He Was Depressed And Bragged On About His Boyfriend Cheating On Him"
"That's The One"
by Hater242 January 29, 2017

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