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is always playing games
stop playing games Michael
by fgapsfdjgas kodjgaoks;lf February 28, 2019

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A good name for a man who likes multiple girls in the same group. Sloppy seconds is his goal.
Michael is cool
by Ppap🐷🐷🐷 January 24, 2017

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When you meet a Michael, you will instantly fall in love with him. He can be very adorable at times whenever you are upset or just extremely hilarious. A Michael has a perfect personality. They are comedic, loving, caring, cute. They have such great personalities. He will hug you when you need one, even maybe kiss you. He doesn't mind anything at all and goes with the flow. Michael will be naturally good at anything. Sometimes you will think to yourself what makes a Michael so perfect? A Michael is just perfect, they'll do anything for the ones they care for. They hate to be violent, but will do so if they had to for protection etc. Overall, Michael is the best person you will ever meet. If something is wrong, don't worry Michael's got your back.
Girl: I heard Michael has a crush on you.
Other girl: He does?! I have a crush on him too!
Girl: You're lucky he likes you. You have a chance to be with the best man ever.
by AlexThePotato September 12, 2017

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An American name given to obnoxious people at birth.
This baby's cry is extra loud and obnoxious. You should probably name it Michael.
by TheWombler November 10, 2018

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When you're about to win but fail at the last possible second.

Michael, Michaeling, Michaeler
I really michaeled that boss fight.
by kombatman November 21, 2018

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A lolicon who wears a rapist costume to a Halloween party, Anime conventions, etc. Has frozen pizza in the freezer right now
Person A : are you going to invite Michael to the party ?

Person B: nah man, it's my little girls birthday.
by December 32 October 24, 2018

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A piece of shit looser who cant do shit right, A mistake, a disappointment
Michael is a peice of shit
by Djdhwhdjfjd February 01, 2018

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