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A joke/meme that's so bad it will kill you.
This minion meme is pure soccer mom malignant humor.
by BeatleBoyThicc January 06, 2019

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The Childhood of many teens. Amazing world full of penguins. supports different ethnicities (ie their many penguin colors.). You will be banned if you make any comment related to anything that would offend anyone ever, but you can name yourself practically anything. Will shut down march 29th, at the same time becoming a dead meme.
Guy- Dude, I just got banned from Club penguin!!!!
Guy 2- Why?
Guy- I started praising Hitler. Got a new account tho, what's ur user?
Guy 2- DirtyJew69. Friend me.
Guy- WTF?!
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by ClubPenguinGod54 February 05, 2017

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A rare or bizarre name that makes you wonder "how the fuck can he even come up with that?"
Whoa that's a crazy zescio you have.
by Snowball469 January 09, 2019

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The most free
Customer: May I have the freeest car in this dealership
Car Salesman: EXCUSE ME
by Yung Yelm June 04, 2018

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A word only to be used for the top notch memes. When a meme reaches its peak and has an actual impact it becomes memeingful.
Person 1: This is the best meme I have ever seen!
Person 2: Yes it is quite memeingful.
by Purpleslug July 16, 2018

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Dropping your head, raising an arm and they act like they are sneezing. (You do not make yourself actually sound like you are sneezing.)
I dabbed when the person said, of course, not to dab.
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by BiscuitIsSmol Words4U March 22, 2017

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A good meee finally that isn’t cancerious But contagious.
Dad - You know that new meme yodelling boy ?
Son - wtf da-a-addy
by ChickenCurryWithSauce May 28, 2018

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