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fuck a ahla. every ahla is a hoe
lady 1: ahla fucking stole my man
lady 2: yes ahla stole ur mans so now we finna get him back lol
by amistake101 July 18, 2018

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The bitchiest girl in the world. She has no heart whatsoever. She hates surya
That girl is pulling the wandisile
by The real tho February 11, 2017

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Zoubayda is the most evil person you'll ever meet, she hates everyone. She will most likely have black hair with bangs for her whole life. People named Zoubayda are usually extremely short.
"I met Zoubayda and she is so mean!"
by Randomppl28 January 01, 2018

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A really nice guy with two mean bestfriends *cough cough , hudson and gavin*
omg ahhh! there’s james and his two mean bestfriends ughhh i hate them so much !!
by heck ashley May 10, 2018

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He's a real asshole at times. He's got a quick temper but a big heart. He would do anything for his family. He works hard and plays harder. He talks a lot of shit, but he won't hesitate to fight over someone he loves. He's a little jealous, but that's OK. And did I mention? He's ugly as Hell
Micheal is so ugly
by aj69you March 11, 2017

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Just mean
Norskstatsborger: (not nice at all)

lies in order to cause another to feel horrible
by Human_spirit February 09, 2018

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A name of a flower
Cornation is fine , she doesn’t care about nothing really , & she’s short & love unicorns
by Unicorn Girl🦄🤪 May 17, 2018

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