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Best person ever and hells funny and bro she really pretty and rude and confident in what she wants even the sometimes she goes off track but I love her so much she wow
Hey I like Alexandra perez -richard

Wtf frl me to -charlie
by Gbubvf August 14, 2018

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Shitest meme page on all of instagram
Hey have you seen Roasty Toasty Shitposty's latest meme
No cos I no gah
Laugh track plays
by Itsyaboisaggytitsftw May 19, 2018

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Extremely good looking

Usually has blue eyes
Hey Euan
by Anonymous 🍆💦 May 03, 2018

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A cool, unholy non binary human being who deals with no ones crap, and makes sure to smile when they’re planning their revenge.
Don’t mess with Andi, or your screwed.
by JustWhy??? September 21, 2018

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Oof means that you don’t know what to say but you have to at least say something
You- Sa dude what’s up?
by BreakingInside September 17, 2018

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My xbox user
The guy over there is suck a bigdicknigga69
by Thdhdgh June 05, 2018

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I’m a savage at dark souls 3, *dies*.
by Vol100000 the guy who plays May 12, 2018

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