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Twisting the Jolly is a another term for male masturbation. Twisting the Jolly could also be used as a term for slacking off or being lazy.
"Hey stop Twisting the Jolly and get back to work"

"Dude I know you were Twisting the Jolly last night"
by GingerLion20 July 27, 2016

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La manuela; masturbating, jerking off, playing with one's self.
Te haces la manuela por las noches?
by LocDoc IndraV December 04, 2016

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Pounding your meat to random Instagram pics.
I couldn’t find any porn that was working for me today so I decided to instaspank instead.

When I’m at work I just instaspank. I can’t look for porn on the company network.
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by Eaton Holgoode April 01, 2018

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When a man is jerking off and his balls slap the pinky finger side of his hand, he is bean beating!
Don’t shake that dudes hand, he’s a bean beater!
by Redjack411 May 28, 2018

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The bone that attaches the muscle from your elbow to your forearm. If your arms hurt from Carpal tunnel, this is that bone. STOP JACKING OFF
Oh, I hurt my quinvery bone jacking to that new hot beach guy in class.
by Rexysexy March 15, 2018

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When you get distracted by other things while masturbating. This can also be applied to a situation where you get distracted while doing something, forget what you were doing, then decide to rub one out.
My teacher asked me why my homework was half done and all I could say was “Distracturbation”
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by ShittyTitty October 08, 2017

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When one plucks their vagina like a violin.
"Do you mind Violin Plucking my cooter just to rile me up? "Sure, my sweet daughter"
by Patrick Deguzmann March 12, 2018

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