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Masturbating as much as you can in a short period of time
“Yeah, man. My period is starting soon so i gotta masturbinge before it starts”
by Area Rug June 10, 2018

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Swimming with the lads is when you jack off into a bathtub and then proceed to swim in it for at least 30 minutes.
Father: I had such a good time swimming with the lads.
Son:.... what is that daddy?
Father: Listen here son...
by Ggirentafogg January 19, 2018

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a bagel that one uses to pleasure themself
I lost my wang bagel yesterday. This has been the dullest weekend ive had in a while.
by whoisgary November 14, 2016

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when a female pleasures herself in the biblical sense...
Female 1: So we had sex last night but it wasn't that great-
Female 2: Yeah, sometimes you gotta yick your yam to get there...
by SS_Pantsu March 18, 2019

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The smell that comes when you masturbate. Pretty much hand rubbing smell too
Bro I hate the jack off smell
by Le Carlton December 28, 2018

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To masturbate while flustered, usually because you were caught in the act, but you continued anyways.
I was going so hard, but after my mom walked in I just flasturflated.
by Charlie impersonator April 26, 2017

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the retarded way of spelling masturbate
Person A: Yo man I just masterbated to a nigga fucking a bear plush.
Person B: It's "masturbated" you fucking retard. Also wtf nigga.
by xexashi69 March 28, 2019

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