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A marijuana bowl with kief around the edge like a martini. M&M stands for marijuana martini.
Hey man wanna smoke an M&M?
by regretrhombus May 27, 2018

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One who supplies you with everything you need for weed.
Hey Derek who was that girl you were with? Oh don't worry dude that's just my marijuana mama.
by I don't think it's Sam Foulks April 09, 2017

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Country term for marijuana.
Hey Bubba, got any of that John Deere green?
by GreenQueen94 April 10, 2017

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A alternative term for marijuana.
I'm going to buy some Paranoid Supreme after school later wanna burn one?
by ItsCyberWolf November 02, 2016

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British slang for pot brownies.
Be a good chap and pass me a guvnuh cake I need to calm down.
by ZoneChaos May 05, 2018

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A person's ability to roll many joints.
"Yo man, Jennifer's got mad twerps"
by MarijuanaOfficial March 29, 2017

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To get motivated by smoking Cannabis. (Mota) meaning weed in spainsh.
I have to get motavated before I go do this. I got motavated before I went to the movies.
by El coyote March 12, 2019

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