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A marijuana bowl with kief around the edge like a martini. M&M stands for marijuana martini.
Hey man wanna smoke an M&M?
by regretrhombus May 27, 2018

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Country term for marijuana.
Hey Bubba, got any of that John Deere green?
by GreenQueen94 April 10, 2017

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A card game used to test the potency of your marijuana. The more difficult it seems, the stronger the weed.
Stoner1: "Stoner Concentration is played like regular Concentration, only the cards are dealt face up. You have to turn two cards over and find a match."

StraightPerson: "But that's crazy!!! You're only matching the backs, and all the backs are the sa...."

Stoner2: "Cool, man. Blaze one up and deal!!!"
by Giacomojones March 08, 2017

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A person's ability to roll many joints.
"Yo man, Jennifer's got mad twerps"
by MarijuanaOfficial March 29, 2017

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Someone who smokes a lot marijuana, multiple times a week or even multiple times a day.
Snoop Dogg is such a stoner, I don't think he's ever sober.
via giphy
by chikenboymemes May 08, 2019

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marijuana of smokable quantity. may refer to a joint or loose weed.
Bro calm down. Tell me the story again after you've caught a dub.
by jaythecoolcat August 11, 2017

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I think I'll have me a bowl-o-grits for breakfast
by Leauxbeaux July 18, 2016

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