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\fē-mōn\ noun

When a feminine individual whines or complains needlessly. Especially when said complaint stems from the inability of the feminine mind to comprehend logic.
1. Some stupid bitch was femoaning all last night about how some guy mansplained to her that the wage gap isn't real.

2. God, I just wanting to have a beer and watch the T.V. but my old lady wouldn't stop femoaning about doing the damn dishes.
by Wordsmith_42 June 10, 2017

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Like folklore, it’s passed down generation to generation. Manlore is only passed down the Male line.
Man 1: how do you know women play with their breats all the time?
Man 2: my father told me - it’s manlore.
by LeMesberg October 01, 2017

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When a man responds to accusations of mansplaining with the claim that "mansplaining is anyone disagreeing with you."
I told my dad he was mansplaining, and then of course he started meta-mansplaining.
by SerenaBlackCat February 12, 2017

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An explanation provided by any man because women aren't capable of providing it.
After hours of listening to Mary babble, I mansplained our sales pitch in a few minutes and everyone loved it.

LaToya struggled with her dinner order, so I mansplained it to the waiter.

The traffic cop was about throw a beat down on Tanya but I mansplained that she was in labor.
by Al-BadDaddy November 18, 2017

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When a man (or any gender) re-explains something a woman (or any gender) has just said., as if what the first speaker said was not accurate or complete.
His mansplaining is really getting to me. Why does he have to reiterate everything I say, immediately after I say it?
by Cyber-gal June 03, 2017

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(v.) 1. Random men giving unsolicited advice to women, even if the woman in question is an expert on the subject, because they feel entitled to tell everyone their way is better. When they force this unwanted, and most often unneeded, advice onto unsuspecting women in a way that demeans the woman's own intelligence, and is a peek into the man's misogynistic worldview.
Sarah was practicing her serve at a public tennis court to get back into shape for the season.
Random Man (begins mansplaining): I know exactly what is wrong with your serve sweetheart! Here! I'll show you!
Sarah's inner monologue: I've been playing tennis since I was four. I didn't come here to be mainsplained to, I came to improve myself.
Sarah walks away. The mansplainer follows unable to see that he is unwanted.
by This_is_a_real_story August 08, 2017

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Mansplain is often referred to when someone extensively explains something that the other party already has knowledge of, often in a condescending manner. The term is a combination of the words "man" and "explain" due to the commonality of men doing this. However, it can be used more broadly than just with men. This term is a negative term and is usually used by women.
Person #1: So I'm picking up my new GPU on the way home from work, right, when some dude in the store decides that I don't know enough and mansplains how to build a rig from scratch.
Person #2: But wait, didn't you build yours? Isn't that your job?
Person #1: Yeah but the dude just wouldn't stop or listen. I had to lie about having an appointment so I could just go to the register.
by Mjrin July 13, 2017

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