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Intriguing Outgoing Peculiar Handsome Masculine Optimisic Omniscient Ambitious Person
Girl Get Yo Self A Paudarius
by Paudarius March 14, 2017

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A hella of a funny guy!
And annoying!
The man for you is syafii
by Semgila December 31, 2017

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A man who acts like a jackass and sounds like a pig.
He is such a manajackig that I left the party with out him.
by Sonjohn August 24, 2017

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A man who still has the drive to hunt but to fat to take down the prey.
A man who still wants to use his game to get dates with women but to fat and lazy to make his objective. Honey badger
by Leeroy Gibbs July 20, 2017

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A word to call Kurdish men
What a good Mard! He has a kind heart.

"Mardi Mard!" Ali said.
by Caucher September 05, 2018

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