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A mlg dank person who trick shots in overwatch COD and cs go and does play minecrap
Teo is the lord of the memes
by Dankmaster_XX January 24, 2017

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She is the hottest country girl in Wisconsin. She's stubborn alone but crazy at parties. She is as sweet as moonshine but as strong as jack. she loves like crazy and is crazy about hunting and fishing.
Damn macie you are hot as hell
I love you macie so much
by Kori Elizabeth December 19, 2016

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My name is alexia
by Christinab March 31, 2019

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When texting this means“den a bitch”
“Damn, it’s hot dab outside”
by allnaturalle_ February 23, 2019

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She is a wonderful girl with a big ass she likes to give head to girls and boys the best also she has big tites and a fat ass
Omg Wilquelis gave me the best head

Yo Wilquelis has nice tites
by Love big tites May 20, 2018

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