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When a goal is scored on complete accident by a shit player.
Jaime "Omg that guy just is terrible "
Noel "Yeah he scored such a josh goal"
by iixKHIxii January 03, 2017

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When one has extreme amounts of luck in a video game
Damian: Bro, how did he kill me??
Brian: He pulled a Richard on you
by Bowtechfuel69 June 24, 2018

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otherworldly, seemingly impossibly incredible luck, albeit well deserved.
person 1: i cannot believe mark hoppus guestlisted her off of a tweet.

person 2: i know!! she’s got lexy luck.
by glittergoblin April 15, 2019

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When one has extreme amounts of luck.
Bob: How’d he just catch that ball?
Sam: Bro, he just pulled a Richard on you.
by Bowtechfuel69 June 23, 2018

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To acquire something that most people want but is hard to get or to avoid something that most people do not want but get it anyways.
Person 1: I just won the million dollar lottery!

Person 2: You're lucky


Person 1: Everyone is getting the flu. It sucks so much.

Person 2: Well at least I don't have it

Person 1: You're lucky.
by Don't Frickle With Mr.Pickle February 03, 2018

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Similar to bad luck but a lot more worse than that.
Sam: Hi, I am going to play Fortnite.
Geoff: Ok, hope you’re going to have worst luck winning.
Sam: You do know that worst luck is like 5 bad lucks together.
Geoff: I know that, The odds of you winning is 100/1.
by Salt0727 July 17, 2018

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