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Talk between people that generally consists of illegal or suspicious activity.
"Nigga on the phone talking burn talk to the plug"
by DopeBoiChiTown April 04, 2017

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like "lowkey" but instead of keeping it on the low you say "yo hikey shes kinda hot" it means you wouldnt mind if she knew you thought that...
"Hikey this party is litt"
by dd687858 January 06, 2017

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Girl with amazing rap skills but never uses them.
My sister is low key but I can get her to flow a verse on my mix album.
by Terry Bad Ice April 13, 2017

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An abbreviation used by the hip and cool youth as a short form of two words. Low Key. Low Key defines a subtle request or non obvious or overlooked situation.
Imma go to the gym today but lowk I just wanna stay home, watch Netflix and chill.
by BigBillyBones July 20, 2018

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