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A beautiful girl that always has a smile on her and loved life she will always be there for you and can tackle any obstacles that come to her. She is a really good girl friend and will always be loyal.
Wow Cecelia is an amazing person
by Naturegamer October 02, 2017

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Honest, loving, caring
Brittney is a loving person
by Brittmc11 December 19, 2016

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A smart kind and loving person you will ever meet she also has the best smile she has a big heart
Lecshik has a beautiful smile.
by We wet to jms together November 06, 2017

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Janiris is a smart loving person that like to help also she is the prettiest girls you will ever meet
Janiris is a loving person
by Janiris April 04, 2018

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Jamihya is a freaky,smart,and caring women.She is stubborn and a crybaby with a big attitude!
Jamihya is awesome
by _sexy_giraffe_ December 21, 2016

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Fin she is a kind hearted girl and is self conscious...
Finlay is a good girl friend a lover and has lots of confidence and dose stupid stuff all the time she has lots of friends that she cares for and loves them she is strong tho but fakes smiles.
by Fuck fin February 03, 2018

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I wonderful, loving best friend. He will always be there for you when you need him, even when you don't need him he'll be their. He will never judge you, and show you a great amount of love. Overall he's the best brother anyone could ask for.
"My brother is such a Cooper! He's so nice!"

"I'm not sure his name... but I hope he's a Cooper,"
by Girlfallingoffthebed April 23, 2018

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