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When said means simply, I'll love you forever and always, it the words you say to your signifigant other to be cute and tell them you love them deeply and will forever.
by AP776 December 04, 2016

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A person or idea which makes people feel young, alive, hopeful and positive about themselves and the life ahead , and makes people more aware of their emotional well-being
He was rudrah to me, he touched me and my spine grew wings.
by Twisted gal July 10, 2017

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another word for love ..used usually by sci-fi/ geek type peeps
dude 1: i'm lofi in 10V3 with this girl..
dude 2 : for real? you got it bad dude
by ladyculture July 11, 2017

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What to call someone that you have an indescribable amount of love for. Your significant other to the next degree.
I love Sarah with all my heart, she's my lovematesexypants.
by Bunnyvstheworld April 20, 2018

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Giliana is smart,pretty and sexy female, she is a easy person to talk to, she'll always have bad luck in relationships ,she is the type of person that will forgive but always have the memory in the back of her mind,the people she actually love and care for can make a effect on her ,she will use the love word alot and regret it later,she will always have ups and downs with her friends but still have a soft spot to forgive them,she always has a great quote about every situation
Giliana is always on her phone
by Lawtrina March 13, 2017

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She is the best ever everyone loves her she isn’t a haru she is the kindest person u will ever meet she’s nice outgoing and she does not know how to not be nice
Minty is the best person ever
by Lolxdhehe August 04, 2018

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She’s very funny and loveing and can make you laugh she loves trever he is her life and soul
Lilly why u have to love him so much
by Lele336 June 06, 2018

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