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Sexy fashionsta that everyone wants but only one gets!!she is lovable,kind,caring some times crazy girl but she has a weaknes; she cares about everyone's feelings and gets hurt trying to please everyone.

#fashionsta #sexy #too caring
I wanna look like a lulit
by Venus19 March 21, 2017

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tristan is an amazing guy he is an adventurous and fast person he will make you laugh no matter what. he is a fantastically great guy he is not rude or nosy he is kind and great. that's Tristan
tristan you are a great guy and you are very humorous

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She’s very funny and loveing and can make you laugh she loves trever he is her life and soul
Lilly why u have to love him so much
by Lele336 June 06, 2018

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The bestest and cutest wuv wuv on earth who's always gonna be wuv'ed by his waifu ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )
I wuv my pudfuds sho mush
by Pudfuswaifu November 13, 2017

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She/he is extremely caring and loyal.
A Yanai never fails to be straightforward and compassionate.
A Yanai when going through pain does not show it.

She/He is special and would make a good partner in a relationship.
Love Yanai's.
Sometimes a Yanai can be a bitch though.
Don't mess with a bitchy Yanai.
Him #1: Hey man, did you see that girl over there? The pretty one?
Him #2: Oh that's a Yanai.
by Celeste Jenkins March 14, 2017

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The act of getting with an older boy even if he is 5-6 years older than you.
Hey did you take that 14 year old home yesterday?
Yeah of course she was gonna get down with the chrickyness
by Chinoman78 August 06, 2016

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Someone who is lovable and can bring you happiness. A beautiful girl and a caring one. Her love, her beauty, her kindness should not be taken granted for. A girl you would not want to lose, trust me.
Habe you ever felt that kind of love? That is what I called A love like shafiqa Iliana’s “
by Yourstrulymistakes January 02, 2018

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