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When said means simply, I'll love you forever and always, it the words you say to your signifigant other to be cute and tell them you love them deeply and will forever.
by AP776 December 04, 2016

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Someone who is lovable and can bring you happiness. A beautiful girl and a caring one. Her love, her beauty, her kindness should not be taken granted for. A girl you would not want to lose, trust me.
Habe you ever felt that kind of love? That is what I called A love like shafiqa Iliana’s “
by Yourstrulymistakes January 02, 2018

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another word for love ..used usually by sci-fi/ geek type peeps
dude 1: i'm lofi in 10V3 with this girl..
dude 2 : for real? you got it bad dude
by ladyculture July 11, 2017

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tristan is an amazing guy he is an adventurous and fast person he will make you laugh no matter what. he is a fantastically great guy he is not rude or nosy he is kind and great. that's Tristan
tristan you are a great guy and you are very humorous

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The bestest and cutest wuv wuv on earth who's always gonna be wuv'ed by his waifu ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )
I wuv my pudfuds sho mush
by Pudfuswaifu November 13, 2017

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She’s very funny and loveing and can make you laugh she loves trever he is her life and soul
Lilly why u have to love him so much
by Lele336 June 06, 2018

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A sweet, kind, caring individual with a round, handsome face, and a dashing smile to top it all off. Someone who fills your life with light day after day, even when they, themselves, are struggling. A wonderful person. Romantic, affectionate, and loving as can be. They love their friends and their family with all their heart, even when they doubt themselves. Funny and charming, even if they don't think so. The light of your life. Your one and only, your everything.
"How would they ever like me, they're such a Nash!"
by scotthowl July 14, 2018

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