A sucka who doesn't have a clue and talks constant jibberish. Thinks they are superior but in reality they live ina fantasy world.
That Robert is such a chump. He has no clue what he says half the time.
by CheeseNBrats March 12, 2017

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A "violent gamer" who is short but fast as fuck
That violent gamer must be a Connor Bond
by ThatSmartAssGuy March 06, 2017

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Super try hard in school and considers himself above others because of it. Most commonly know of as ... an IBer
Wow, he skipped the game to do homework... what a McDow move
by FreakZ123 October 12, 2016

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Someone that thinks they're funny and center of attention and puts dead and/or trash memes in the group chat
Patrick has proven to be a faggot due to his excessive trash meme dropping the group chat
by PC PREDZ February 22, 2017

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Someone who is fucking stupid and think they're black
You have a rubber brain
by Weft antidote February 02, 2017

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What a loser
That dude is such a jeff.
by gnomeboi August 28, 2018

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To make a mistake
Brandon messed up, and now he's dealing with the negative consequences.
by I_win_ January 29, 2018

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