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A loser that lives in a flea bag Motel but is a master at all things
Example 1:
Two guys talking: Remember the moon landing in 1969?

Motel Monarch: That's nothing I've walked on the surface of the sun with like 50 hot chicks last year

Two guys to passing Motel Manager: Who the hell was that?

Manager: Oh that's our Motel Monarch, he claims to be the greatest guy that ever walked the earth but lives here on government assistance.

Example 2:

Girl at Motel: to friend: Quick get inside the Motel Monarch is heading this way. I don't want to hear about his 4 foot penis again or how he can hit a golf ball over 385 yards.
by Catman - 63 July 12, 2017

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Synnonamous with "Loser",
But slightly more offensive.

Weeno, comes from Winner, with the ee and o, basically being the "n' pas", (French for Not). Meaning "Not a winner"
Sorry mom, I'm busy rekking a bunch of weenos in Call of Duty!

I am such a weeno.
by Ninja Squirrel Officle June 12, 2017

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Someone that thinks they're funny and center of attention and puts dead and/or trash memes in the group chat
Patrick has proven to be a faggot due to his excessive trash meme dropping the group chat
by PC PREDZ February 22, 2017

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Sings a lot of songs, acts like he is straight when everyone knows he not, and only hangs out with the opposite sex because all of the guys think he's gay
Bro Dylan is a fruit
by Jacksonerlike May 27, 2018

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A little indian boy . All arooshes have a small penis. they also suck at basketball like indians. but make lots of excuses on why they are good. They also have mustaches.
that kids such a aroosh
by Bibbyshon May 08, 2018

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To make a mistake
Brandon messed up, and now he's dealing with the negative consequences.
by I_win_ January 29, 2018

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A loser who believes he or she has no purpose in life and are losers
What a red zether!
by ItsOpa June 05, 2017

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