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Lamarion is a nice guy who acts tough but who is a really soft person he does anything to keep his friend safe in fact he puts them before his self he may be a weird one tho he is a rare friend to have he is the hottest guy kills looks He may not look like muscle but trust me he can kick ass and he hates being alone and he #is a Savage and for some reason he bonds with girls better than boys
by NarutoDemon17 October 24, 2017

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introduced by a youtuber, memeulous , it means, hey hot girl can I get your phone number . This phrase will get you all the ladies or gents I promise.
guy in dms: ayo wgwan piffting whats your bbm pin? I also play roblox and like other cool stuff like that.
girl replies: damn papi be mine ;)
second senario:
girl: ayo wagwan piffting whats your bbm pin? i bet your willy is big ;)
guy: you made me cum
by lilpeep199666 October 22, 2018

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kamsy is a fine sexy beautifully gorgeous girl with well rounded ass and a beautiful full breasts. shes a girl in a billion and you are one heck of a lucky guy if you have her. she is also a good friend but a big bitch if you mess with her
. she is also filthy rich athletic a great artist a great socialist can sing and dance
she is just a kamsy
by khallyne October 24, 2018

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Another way of saying "that" or "this"
thos is weird
by Bacon Bangs in Bank May 23, 2018

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Blerina, a very pretty and attractive girl,Who most has light skin and dirty blonde hair and will get stalked..
Hey Blerina is the most cutest girl every
by Da Guinean April 17, 2018

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A ded roast
John: Ur Mum Geiy
Bob: *Dies*
by DankDoodle November 26, 2018

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Heaven when the internet is smoother than a girls booty
Fortnite has taken over the world
via giphy
by Sharp_shooter890 June 03, 2018

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