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Usually shy but when u get to talk to her she always lough bak very attractive
Person. Oh err... hi rose
Rose . Shut the he'll up
by Pete co July 19, 2018

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that weird guy that always HUMPING TREES and says bustdown TO THE TREEE
but when you get to know him he is super funny and is real nice and also good at video games and in all realy nice and PS his weirdness will become funny.
stop being a tyen
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by like why just stop March 22, 2019

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Giving a person to do that pleasure but the other person know pleasure of a nasty dutch oven
Nil:Mom come here Mom:yes. FARTSOUND. Nik: Dutch oven you chubby bitch Mom: I can't breathe
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by Themcchickenhouse101 March 08, 2018

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Is funny live
Lol love. So you think are Love is funny.yes
by Loooooooillllll January 30, 2018

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Another way of saying "that" or "this"
thos is weird
by Bacon Bangs in Bank May 23, 2018

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She's sooooo hot if you get smashed by her damn you gotta have something special all the boys wish she's was on porn hub
What's that noise

That's Brynn and Matt

What are they doing


Damn Matt's lucky
by Dousbthsn July 31, 2017

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A ded roast
John: Ur Mum Geiy
Bob: *Dies*
by DankDoodle November 26, 2018

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