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A type of person who plays alot and likes to say they have no heart what so ever but deep down one of the most emotional person in the world.
Dude that girl is such a carissa, all bark and no bite.
by j.f.54 January 13, 2017

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A small little dwarf like human, usually complemented with red hair, that likes to drink all of your Mountain Dew. These small delicate creatures can not handle a poke to the kidney with your index finger, as they will hop out their seat in surprise.
Did you see Matteo chug that can in seconds, how does he fit it in that small body.
by Hey der May 28, 2018

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A Saanai is a type of girl who don’t take shit from nobody. She be trippin always but no one really cares. Saanai got those long ass braids that you just have no idea where they comin from. She can make enemy’s by just lookin at someone, but that’s actually because she can’t mind her business when a huge ass girl plops her ass down near her.
Nig 1: Bro you saw that girl who be walking all around the place? She never leaves!
Nig 2: bro stay away from that girl. She a Saanai!
Nig 1: oh shit wtf man
via giphy
by Oholyshit May 20, 2018

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The act of enjoying a joke. Similar to laughing hysterically or lmao and lmfao If used out of context, others may think you’re having IBS.
She was clapping her ass at the club and all the sudden her wig fell off and my stomach fell through my ass.
by Cfb May 23, 2019

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When your nut sack is longer than your your asshole after Ant Man expanded in it.
I have a schlong sack
by TheCommunistNugget April 25, 2019

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Tyler: Knock Knock!
Cody: Who's there?
Tyler: Canoe.
Cody: Canoe who?
Tyler: Canoe help me with my homework?
Cody: LOL
by Codylisious June 22, 2016

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a long yellow thing foe two things
you how two ways idk what to write banana
by lolmyhairstink April 10, 2019

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