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A boy is super good looking and can get any girl he wants and he is a very good kisser and at all sports and he can be very sensitive and he is very good at cuddling and just being with girls is general and very sweet and loving
Oh my Brekin you are such a good kisser
by bruhmaster May 01, 2018

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Syamad is beautiful woman, interesting woman and successful.
"Syamad!? The little girl that really has a beautiful lips, nose and eye"
via giphy
by Katil December 28, 2017

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The utterence of a man upon being enlightened of the fact that a women eats 50 pounds of lipstick on average per year.
Look to your left . look to your right . i mean come on think Relipstickley
by Kitgly January 19, 2019

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large labia
Her Shorts were so short that her scupper flaps were showing.
by skmaine February 20, 2018

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