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1. fortnight means 2 weeks. 2. Fornite -the game- is a horrible game its what boys pay attention to the most

Fortnite is what you play when you're: dumb, broke and need to get a life
Boy 1: Bro! I'm gonna play some ’fortnite’ wanna join my party, I'll send an invite
Boy2: cool bruh! Fuck girls fortnite is the best
Girls: hey boys we bought new bikinis and think it's too small wanna help us try them on!?
Boys: hell no! We're playing fortnite! We don't care about you girls!
by Fortnite hater February 10, 2018

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A human that exists on Earth.
Andrej is a word used to describe, a human that exists on Earth.
by coolcube19 October 31, 2018

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A Hindu name which means determination or determined to achieve.

It also is another name for Lord Shiv - The Hindu God
When someone is determined to seek what they want in life they are being Pranil
by eternalsmile May 28, 2018

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A bad bitch that loves food and money.
jack: Is your girl a Aneisah
bob: yupppp
by Anna mores May 26, 2017

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life juice
Shoot me and I'll be bleedin' blood
by WooFoo June 12, 2018

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The things of places you go in your lifetime
Geting laid is a journey.
by Thedeckofcards October 18, 2016

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Amazing you YouTuber who has a 9 inch cock. He’s dark hair and gets the girl . He also usually has hazel blue eyes. He loves the outdoors and enjoys hunting and fishing
Brayden Robinson was at the bank getting some racks
by Brayden Robinson May 25, 2018

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