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1. fortnight means 2 weeks. 2. Fornite -the game- is a horrible game its what boys pay attention to the most

Fortnite is what you play when you're: dumb, broke and need to get a life
Boy 1: Bro! I'm gonna play some ’fortnite’ wanna join my party, I'll send an invite
Boy2: cool bruh! Fuck girls fortnite is the best
Girls: hey boys we bought new bikinis and think it's too small wanna help us try them on!?
Boys: hell no! We're playing fortnite! We don't care about you girls!
by Fortnite hater February 10, 2018
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1.Cheating on a test because your a dumbass.

2. Cheating on a test and getting caught.

3. Getting roasted by the whole class.
Pulling an axel will get your test ripped
by Lifesucks3352 October 19, 2017
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The things of places you go in your lifetime
Geting laid is a journey.
by Thedeckofcards October 18, 2016
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A JewBoi is a little fag that thinks he is cool but he is not, he is a little jewboi
Life: Your a fucking little JewBoi you, fuck you
Gabe: oh thanks, how's your day?
by MasterSlayer December 05, 2017
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An allergic reaction usually caused by life.
"Are you crying?"
"No, I'm having an allergic reaction."
"To what?"
by Supernatural2005 August 22, 2017
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A bad bitch that loves food and money.
jack: Is your girl a Aneisah
bob: yupppp
by Anna mores May 26, 2017
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A human so amazingly breathtaking and beautiful. Loves an Irish Potatoe, an American Steak and a Swedish Meatball: The Holly Trinity. Loves and cares about everyone and everything around her. Kyleisha is the meaning of a Gothic Princess with a heart of gold.
"I don't have common self, neither does Kyleisha"
by AnonymousSkyle! December 25, 2016
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